Technology planning

Technology development is a process mired by potential pitfalls.

The Strategy set goals for what products and their key characteristic the company should have in X years. Within aerospace technology maturation is the key to enable that new product can be considered as well as later realised.

Successfully bringing new technology to the level where it can be used in a product is very difficult and often expensive. The whole process is mired by potential pitfalls. Often the time and cost to mature a technology to enable start of the product development is underestimated. Having both led a small start up rocket company in its technology maturation phase. And in a large Aerospace company steering key manufacturing technologies such as 3D printing to successfully implementation, I know some of them. Another key aspect is estimating needed funding for the technology, development as well as industrialisation phase. Last but not least securing public and internal funding is essential.

Examples of how I can support are:
  • based on the Strategy, support the development of a technology road map
  • for each technology identified in the road map, support the development and execution of a plan for the technology maturation
  • identification of sources of public funding and Support accessing them
  • analyse opportunities and threat for current product in regard to 3D –printing